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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our price is comparable to that of treated timber or cyprus pine frames. However, the value you receive from our standard inclusions and supplied ancillaries far surpasses theirs.

A buildings frame is the structural skeleton hidden away from easy inspection for damage by pests, and is uninsurable against expensive repairs so security and peace of mind are foremost of the many reasons to use a steel frame.
See the Advantages of steel framing page.

No. The frames are not visible in the finished building. Our frames can be used with all of the same claddings, linings or coverings that can be used on timber.

Our range of products and services caters to a broad spectrum of individuals involved in building projects. This includes everyone from professional builders to DIY enthusiasts.

No. We custom manufacture building products to your architectural design from small to large projects and from simple to complex shapes.
We supply to regular customers who have standard plans (Taylor Made Buildings, CAD Building Services and Brad house just to name a few )

Steel-specific tools needed include a tek gun for connecting parts and an angle grinder for trimming and cutting. Additionally, the tek gun serves multiple purposes, such as attaching gyprock, timber, eaves, and metal roofs, throughout various construction stages. Moreover, builders specialising in steel construction utilise magnetic spirit levels, vice grips, and battery-powered tools to enhance efficiency on site.

Generally our walls and trusses can be moved and installed with just two people, as you can see in the factory photo below. If you have any structural requirements around large openings and special loads then your frames may be heavier.
Builders using steel regularly comment on the ease of handling compared to timber construction.
Our frames and trusses have been installed in one of the worst cyclone effected area of Australia, Port Hedland. We are confident that no matter what wind rating you require we can find a solution to suit.
Our welding technique removes the possibility of noise between the members, and numerous customers have remarked on the remarkable quietness of their steel-framed homes compared to their previous timber-framed ones. We contend that misconceptions, including those surrounding noise, about steel framing emerged during the period when it emerged as a feasible alternative to other construction systems.
Numerous conventional techniques exist for cutting, joining, extending, and fixing steel frames, offering a variety of options for modifying them, making alterations to steel frames comparatively simpler than to other materials.
We include the screws necessary to connect the frames and trusses in our pricing, ensuring that you have the correct ones to achieve the designed strength. Moreover, we offer a variety of steel frame-specific fasteners and products to provide a comprehensive service to our customers, particularly those in areas where hardware items are not readily available.
The steel frames and trusses within the claddings and linings of coastal buildings experience minimal, if any, exposure to corrosive sea elements. Steel fixings play a significant role in timber framing construction without being deemed a risk factor. Moreover, the Truecore steel utilised in our frames and trusses boasts enhanced durability, supported by a generous 50-year warranty period.
Our steel framing is frequently employed in extensions, particularly when there’s a connecting line with the existing structure. In many cases, older buildings are built with termite-resistant materials; therefore, the implementation of steel framing serves to shield the original structure from infestations caused by the new additions.

Contemporary wiring methods have greatly reduced the likelihood of electrocution in all construction scenarios. Steel framing, historically recognised for its superior earth protection system against electrical shorting, effectively melts fuses instead of enabling short circuits or igniting fires. Lightning strikes, which mimic electrical shorting, tend to target taller objects with high moisture content, such as trees and water towers, before potentially affecting drier areas.

We do not have any evidence of steel frame buildings interfering with electronic signals. Steel framing is used extensively in Hospitals and Aged Care buildings where a range of communications systems are used and most public buildings are constructed with some form of steel structure without detriment to phones, TV or radio.
Steel, unlike other materials, does not combust or facilitate the ignition of fires from smoldering embers. This significantly decreases the likelihood of your building catching fire. Recent bushfire testing conducted by CSIRO is yielding highly promising outcomes for steel framing.
Local council requirements dictate this. While some councils enforce “whole of house” termite protection policies, others mandate frame-only protection. Individuals sensitive to chemicals can often secure exemptions from their usage. Moreover, opting for steel framing eliminates any risk of damage to the costly and challenging-to-repair building structure.

Over the course of many years, we’ve supplied flat packs to DIY enthusiasts and customers in remote locations. Furthermore, our nesting system for studs, plates, noggings, and truss chords, along with our two-member crimping system, are particularly suited for on-site screwing or welding.

We utilize TrueCore® steel, manufactured in Australia by Bluescope Steel, which comes with a 50-year conditional guarantee. TrueCore boasts a zic/aluminium coating that actively shields the steel against corrosion. For further insights into durability, explore resources provided by the National Association of Steel-Framed Housing (NASH). Additionally, delve deeper into TrueCore® through BlueScope Steel’s offerings.
Bluescope Steel supply the TrueCore® steel that our frames are manufactured from. If you wish learn more about steel framing in general visit the TrueCore® section of the BlueScope website.


The National Association of Steel-Framed Housing (NASH) is an association of which Custom Steel Frames is a member. NASH describes their association as “an active industry association centred on light structural framing systems for residential and similar construction”, and present a whole range of information for your consideration.