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Owner Builders


If you’re an owner builder who is confident in their abilities, or are currently weighing your options, it’s crucial to consider a Custom Steel Frame.


Since 1985, we’ve been steadfast in our support of countless owner builders, guiding them through the successful construction of stunning custom designed steel-framed homes of various shapes and sizes.


A Custom Steel Frame gives energetic owner builders who value precision and efficiency the power to assemble it using minimal tools. Additionally, its lighter weight reduces the need for many hands to position frames and trusses, making it perfect for those with busy schedules. You can trust its durability to withstand the elements until you’re ready to continue work.


The inherent straightness of steel framing simplifies alignment, further streamlining the construction process. Combined with Custom Steel Frames commitment to providing builder-friendly products and dependable support, the risks associated with owner building are significantly mitigated.


To further facilitate construction, Custom Steel Frames provides comprehensive support every step of the way. From dimensioned set-out plans for foundations and framing components to an easy-to-follow labeling system, we ensure your frame is erected with precision and care.



Whether you find yourself in need of expert guidance, short-term assistance during the construction phase, or assistance in locating reliable erectors within your vicinity, Custom Steel Frames is committed to offering steadfast support every step of the way on your building endeavor. Our dedication ensures that you have the assistance you need to achieve your project goals with confidence.

Owner BuildersOwner Builders