Owner Builders


If you are confident that you have the appropriate skills to owner build your home or are just weighing up your options, then a Custom Steel frame is well worth checking out.


We are proud to have assisted many owner builders to successfully build beautiful steel framed homes of all shapes and sizes since 1985.


A Custom Steel Frame can be erected by energetic owner builders with an appreciation for “square and plumb” and with a minimum of tool requirements. Steel framing is also ideally suited because its lighter weight requires less people to stand the frames and handle trusses into position than other building systems and if commitments limit your time, it gives you peace of mind to know your frame can be left in the elements without deterioration until you can get back to it.


Steel framing is inherently straight which makes alignment of parts even easier. These steel advantages combined with Custom Steel’s focus on supplying builder friendly products with backup advice and service, takes the risk out of owner building.


Custom Steel Frames provide dimensioned set out plans for the foundations and the framing components with an easy to follow labelling system all to help you put your frame up right.


Custom Steel Frames can help you through by simply providing advice, or short term assistance to help through the erection process or we can assist you get in contact with suitable erectors in your vicinity.