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Structural Framing

Modern building designers are taking advantage of the vast range of steel framing products to create architectural features with exposed internal and external steel structures and overhangs.



“Daring Design Concepts”


Custom Steel Frames also draw on the vast range of steel shapes to manufacture their integrated lightweight frames and trusses so as an extension to this we often build the architectural exposed structural steel component as well.


” Integration and Innovation “


By using one person to design all of the structure to the same accuracy level, we can control the way it all fits together on site with one erection team and we save the time lost in overlapping shop detailing and dual manufacturing.


As you would expect, our factory is equipped for cutting and welding structural steel. More importantly it’s our staff’s experience and attention to detail that makes the difference to the look of the exposed steel once the painting or hot dipped galvanising is done.


“Industry Leaders”


Curved hollow sections, tapered beams, exposed trusses and angle iron fascia’s are just some of the many examples of structural framing currently supplied by Custom Steel Frames.


“Customer Satisfaction”
Our loyal clientele appreciates the confidence in our ability to manage certain aspects of structural steel framing within their projects. However, it is important to clarify that our primary focus lies elsewhere. In particular, we do not seek to compete with specialised structural steel manufacturers who excel in the production of hot rolled steel and possess unique capabilities in this domain.

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