Wall Frames

After many years of trials, testing and field research, Custom Steel Frames are able to provide a range of level and raking customised studwork options for housing and commercial applications.

With precision machinery we roll form the pieces to length and weld together in accurate jigs for maximum strength into lengths up to 7.5 metres and in panels sized for man handling, transporting and quick tek screwed assembly with fewer joins.


” 75mm and 90mm stud sizes “


Stud widths of 75mm and 90mm in both 1.0mm and 1.2mm thick Bluescope Truecore® material, in plain or lipped sections are rolled formed in separate machines strategically positioned in our modern wall frame production plant.


We favour 75mm studwork because  it is our most economical and we can weld other 75mm hollow steel members into places where extra grunt is needed to resist the pressures and loads put onto the building.


We include the less economical 90mm studwork in our range of wall options for builders who prefer thicker walls in the equivalent to “4×2 timber studs” as well as select commercial and architectural applications.


” New generation Noggingless “


Our recently introduced noggingless lipped stud framing provides the ultimate in economy, easy build and future versatility without compromising strength or other design features that we include in conventional stud, plate and nogging frames.
Noggingless studwork allows quick and safe through traffic during construction and easy future installation of services into walls without a nogging obstacle.


” standard inclusions “


Custom Steel Frames wall frames have standard inclusions such as punched service holes, welded bracing, double stud junctions, trussed heads to openings, bath recess for flush fit and are numbered each end to an assembly plan for easy on site assembly. Load bearing walls have a stiffened top plate to allow our trusses to sit in any position for easy installation.


Our wall designers give consideration to stud spacings, thickness, height, all opening sizes, position of eaves to openings, brick gauge, bracing requirements, load points, floor profiles, ceiling profiles, lining materials and job specific requirements.


Custom Steel Frames wall frames are simply tek screwed together on site and nailed, dynabolted or screwed down to the floor. On site additions, alterations and repairs are easily performed using wafer tek screws or a handyman portable gasless MIG welder.