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Commercial Builders

Attention Commercial Builders,

If you’re a Commercial Builder seeking to enlist the expertise of the Custom Steel Frames team for your project, you may find the following information valuable.


With years of experience in commercial building projects, Custom Steel Frames understands the importance of strict timelines and exceeding expectations. Additionally, we thrive on devising design solutions, optimising budgets, improving buildability, and expediting project timelines.


In some cases, we have been involved in projects from the design phase onwards. Collaborating closely with architects and engineers, we refine structural approaches to ensure efficiency. Furthermore, our extensive experience in various project types, such as schools and hospitals, allows us to provide invaluable insights, thereby reducing the need for design revisions and speeding up project completion.


Strategically located in Dubbo, we service clients across NSW. Our purpose-built facility, coupled with recent expansions, has significantly increased our production capacity. As a result, we can ensure efficient operations even during nighttime hours. As light weight steel framing specialists, we are committed to maintaining our reputation by delivering top-notch results.


Moreover, our drafting team, specialising in commercial projects, plays a crucial role in our success. With their enthusiasm, determination, and proven track record, they bring invaluable expertise to every project. Through close collaboration with commercial builders, our drafting team ensures smooth project execution.


Additionally, it’s worth noting that while this is not an exhaustive list, Custom Steel Frames currently collaborates with a select group of reputable commercial builders, including Brownrite Building Group, Hines Construction, North Construction and Building, PJ Truman Construction, and David Payne Construction.




Education Projects:
Since 1991, when we began crafting frames and trusses for educational institutions like Boggabilla TAFE High School and more recent projects under the BER initiative, our cohesive manufacturing process has consistently produced outstanding outcomes.


Healthcare Projects:
Since the mid-90s, we have actively contributed to a variety of low-rise hospital projects, including Multi-Purpose Services, larger Base Hospitals, and Medical Centers, demonstrating our expertise in structural steel manufacturing.


Childcare Projects:
We acknowledge the distinct design needs of Child Care and Learning Centre buildings and address these projects by crafting customised solutions to fulfill their specific requirements.


Aged Care and Retirement Projects:
Our ability to handle complex structures with precision and efficiency is highlighted by our successful involvement in aged care projects, as demonstrated by our work on the Koonambil Hostel in Coonamble.