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Roof Lifting

Roof Lifting Technique Explained


Our Roof Lifting has increased the emphasis on workplace safety and has spurred a heightened focus on finding more efficient techniques for installing frames and trusses, particularly when working at heights to install trusses onto walls.


Custom Steel Frames pioneered roof lifting in projects during the early 90s. Initially, the focus was on truss-only assemblies, then advancements were made to trusses with overhangs and air-conditioning ductwork. More recently, completed roofs with fascia, gutters, and all accompanying elements have been successfully implemented.




Moreover, this method not only showcases the strength and precision of our truss systems but has also been embraced by innovative builders for its enhanced safety and speed, reduced physical strain, and elimination of the need for mandatory perimeter hand railing. This approach also requires fewer workers for passing pieces and enables ground-level work with both hands free.


We have meticulously observed these roof lifts, analyzing results to identify opportunities for simplification, acceleration, and enhanced safety. Based on this data, we have developed risk assessments, safe work method statements, and weight calculations for crane operators.




Given that each roof lift presents unique space constraints, site conditions, and potential obstacles, we leverage our wealth of expertise to guide our customers in selecting the optimal method for each project.


Approaching roof lifting methodically is essential to ensure successful outcomes. Builders who have adopted this approach have not only gained valuable experience but have also earned recognition and respect from their clients and peers, prompting them to seek safer methods for their other construction activities.


“Industry Leaders”


At Custom Steel Frames, not only do we take pride in pioneering the roof lifting truss installation method, but we also remain dedicated to continuously exploring safe working innovations.

This commitment propels advancements in the construction industry, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of progress.