Roof Lifting

Increasing emphasis on work safety has sharpened the quest for better ways to install frames and trusses and especially working at heights to install trusses onto walls.

Custom Steel Frames initiated roof lifting on projects in the early 90’s starting with truss only assemblies, then onto trusses with overhangs and air-conditioning ductwork installed and more recently with finished roofs sporting fascias, gutters and all the trimmings.


” faster “


This technique shows the strength and accuracy of our truss systems, but innovative builders have embraced this method to work safer with the added benefits of being faster, less strenuous and without the cost of the mandatory perimeter hand railing. This technique also needs less people to pass pieces up and working at ground level gives everyone 2 hands to work with.


We have observed these roof lifts and recorded results to look for ways to make it easier, quicker and safer. With this information we have formulated risk assessments, safe work method statements and weight calculations for the crane operator.


” safer “


Each roof lift has different space available, site conditions and obstacles which can change the method of assembly and we use our pool of knowledge to assist our customers in finding the best method for each job.


Roof assembly lifting requires a methodical approach to ensure all goes well and builders who have used this method have gained valuable experience and respect by their customers and fellow builders. It also heightens their search for safer methods for their other building activities.


Custom Steel Frames are proud to be at the forefront of this truss installation method and are always on the prowl for safe working innovations to advance the building industry.