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Verandahs, Carports and Patios

If you’re considering verandahs carports patios or even a covered outdoor living area, we offer a variety of options to suit your needs.


The benefits of galvanised or powder-coated steel boxed products, in conjunction with Custom Steel Frames’ streamlined bracket system, have led to the development of a wide array of low-maintenance building options ideally suited for our celebrated Australian outdoor lifestyle. Additionally, the integration of these steel components seamlessly enhances durability and longevity, making them a preferred choice for enduring structures in our diverse climate.



“Stylish Finish and Built To Last”


Through innovative, in-house developed design and manufacturing technology, Custom Steel Frames has enabled the development of bold building concepts in exposed steel construction. These constructions include additional features such as decorative posts, finials, and cornices, allowing for personalized touches in your favorite outdoor space.


You can custom-build verandahs, carports, and patios to nearly any size and shape, from simple skillion to complex multi-angled roofs. This allows you to achieve the stylish finish you desire while ensuring durability for years to come.


“Complete Flat Pack Kits Available”


Our products come in complete flat pack kits, offering convenience and versatility. Pieces are manufactured for powder coating in a wide range of Dulux® Powder Coating colors, allowing you to match your personal taste. Furthermore, the assembled product can be finished with any of the Bluescope Steel Colorbond® profiles for a maintenance-free solution.


Each flat pack kit is meticulously packed in bubble wrapping for safe transport and includes detailed assembly drawings for easy DIY installation. Alternatively, you can contact Custom Steel Frames for professional installation services in your area.

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