Providing Quality
Steel Frames for Over
40 years

We know our product inside out, and can help you decide if a Custom Steel Frames solution is for you. Contact us now for a project specific response.


Our steel Trusses are custom made to suit the shape that you need – skillion roofs, pitched roofs, even curved roofs are all available. We can integrate skylights, air-conditioning ductwork, roof crawlways, attics, and more.


We can build in ceiling features like a cathedral or a vaulted ceiling, we can even make a curved ceiling. But if all you need is a nice straight ceiling, it’s not a problem


” you dream it, we’ll design and manufacture it “


We provide all your roofing ancillaries, roof battens, ceiling battens, roof bracing systems, valley support trays, and fasteners to assemble. We provide a fully dimensioned setout drawing with every project.


The inherent strength of our truss roof system allows the unique opportunity to assemble the trusses, battens and roof bracing all at ground level where the erector can work more safely and much faster.


Whole sections of roof can then be craned into position on top of the walls. On some projects even the roof has been sheeted, meaning even less work needs to occur at heights. Read more on Roof Lifting.


Our steel trusses are capable of 19m clear spans depending on the architectural and design load requirements. This allows for great flexibility on housing, but also is what makes it so valuable on commercial projects.
TrueCore Structural Steel