Architects and Engineers


A few more technical details that will be helpful to either the Architects or Engineers looking to specify our frames.


Custom Steel Frames products are technically described as “Lightweight Steel Framing” and as our name suggests, we custom design and manufacture each job individually to achieve the required architectural intent and engineered strength. We use MIG welding to join our members which allows us to fit other structural steel profiles like Duragal® into our 78mm wide, 1.0mm or 1.2mm thick Truecore® wall frames and trusses. A less competitive and less versatile 92mm studwork is available for specific applications.


Wall Frames


Our wall frames have features such as punched service holes for snap in grommets, fixed bracing in predesigned locations, reinforced openings, trimming studs at wall joins and built in Duragal® columns to carry overhead point loads plus many more finer customised details to save time and effort on site.




Our trusses are shaped to the roof profile and are spaced at a maximum of 900mm for tiled roofs and at a maximum of 1200mm for metal roofs with 40mm top hat battens over the top for connection of roof materials and a 20mm furring channel underneath to fix ceilings and eaves. Roofs are also formed using a range of cold formed rafter members when trusses don’t suit.


Floor Systems


Our housing floor systems are typically 150mm deep prefabricated panels for speedy accurate assembly. The joists are spaced at 450mm centres and adjustable piers are best spaced at 2.7m for optimum economy. We can advise on other floor systems and members we use for single and double storey applications dependent on soil types, spans, loads and exposure.


Design and Engineering


All of Custom Steel’s manufacture is designed to Building Code of Australia (BCA) for Live and Dead Loads, Cold Formed Sections and NASH Standard for Residential and Low Rise Steel Framing.


We work with an increasing number of engineering firms on structural design for projects and our local engineers, Barnson, provide our manufacturing certification for non standard house framing, commercial framing and will provide certification of standard house framing upon request.


We are happy to assist you with any design queries you may have. Contact Us