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Architects and Engineers

For Architects and Engineers seeking specifications for our steel frames and trusses, here are the pertinent technical details.

Our products, termed “Lightweight Steel Framing,” are individually custom-designed and manufactured to fulfill both architectural objectives and engineering standards. Additionally, by utilizing MIG welding, we seamlessly integrate structural steel profiles such as Duragal® into our 78mm wide, 1.0mm or 1.2mm thick Truecore® wall frames and trusses. Furthermore, we offer a 92mm studwork alternative for specific applications.


Concerning our Steel Wall Frames:
Our steel wall frames offer various features tailored for efficiency during installation. These include punched service holes for snap-in grommets, fixed bracing at pre-designated locations, reinforced openings, trimming studs at wall joins, and integrated Duragal® columns to support overhead point loads.


Regarding our Steel Trusses:
Shaped to complement the roof profile, our trusses are spaced at a maximum of 900mm for tiled roofs and 1200mm for metal roofs. Additionally, they are accompanied by 40mm top hat battens for roof material connection and a 20mm furring channel below for ceiling and eaves installation. In cases where trusses are unsuitable, a variety of cold-formed rafter members are utilized for roof construction.


Flooring Systems:
Typically, our housing floor systems utilise 150mm deep prefabricated panels for quick and precise assembly. We space joists at 450mm intervals and ideally position adjustable piers at 2.7m for cost-effectiveness. Additionally, we provide guidance on alternative floor systems and members tailored to single and double-story applications, taking into account factors such as soil types, spans, loads, and environmental exposure.


Design and Engineering:
All our manufacturing processes adhere to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) standards. This includes coverage of Live and Dead Loads, Cold Formed Sections, and NASH Standards for Residential and Low-Rise Steel Framing. Collaborating with a range of engineering firms, including our local partners at Barnson, we provide structural design support for projects and issue manufacturing certification for non-standard house framing and commercial framing. Standard house framing certification is available upon request.


For any design inquiries or assistance required, architects and engineers are encouraged to contact us.