The Advantages of Steel Framing

It is great to know that when choosing a frame from Custom Steel Frames you are protecting your investment now and into the future.
You are investing in a product that is not only flexible enough to satisfy your immediate needs, but is perfectly suited for extending, modifying, or adapting a building for a change of purpose, either soon or in the distant future. The accuracy of the members allows builders to do a better job.


” straight and strong “


It is reassuring to know that your building will remain straight and true throughout your life, you are less likely to have sticking doors, cracked plasterboard or gaps in your cornice. You will also see your roof line, hallways, and ceilings staying straight and level, and you won’t ever have nails popping out.


” versatile “


Most of us realise that steel comes in many shapes and sizes, it can be formed to profiles, is extendable and spans a long way. Economical sections and technological manufacture have made steel the most versatile and strong material for modern day building trends.
For these reasons Architects, Engineers and Builders are using steel members in their homes and commercial projects to create efficient spacious buildings with unique flair and features.


” fire resistant “


It is comforting to realise that steel, being non-combustible, just doesn’t want to burn. By using a steel frame you could be removing two tonnes or more of timber fuel from a fire. Reducing your repair bill in the event of a disaster, maybe even saving your life or that of someone you care about.

The CSIRO, in conjunction with NASH, conducted a study that has shown a steel frame will survive a bushfire. So by utilising a combination of the right building materials you could be giving your family the best possible protection. A steel frame is a part of that solution.

View the NASH report.
” termite proof “


You will feel encouraged when you learn that termites don’t like to eat steel, maintaining your frames structural integrity and keeping your repair bill to a minimum. We don’t need to treat our frames with toxic chemicals to keep you safe, and you don’t need to worry about what happens after the warranty on the treatment runs out.


It is also great to know that when the end of life of the building is finally reached, not only is your structure still standing strong, but can be recycled to contribute to a greener future for our great grandchildren.


” certified performance “


If you’re building your dream home, you’ll be impressed to know that we’ll use the same material in your frames and trusses that we use to structure up a school or a hospital.


Every building frame we produce is individually checked for strength during our designing process and non standard structures are automatically certified by our engineers.