Custom Steel Frames is strategically placed in Dubbo to supply our products into a large area of NSW and beyond, which makes packaging and transporting of our products a very important part of our business. The image that we leave with our customers, and other road users, is mostly created by the way we have delivered our products to site.


” light, strong but bulky “


Our products are generally light and strong but are often bulky and awkwardly shaped, presenting a range of packaging challenges to ensure the delivery is efficient, safe and without damage.


” planning is the key “


We start in the planning stage by nesting the pieces as we manufacture followed by strapping into packs for the best fit on a trailer with the heaviest pieces at the bottom. It sounds easy but it has taken many years of attention to detail and investment in trucks and equipment to get our delivery service to the standard that it is today.


” site restrictions “


Large loads present other tricky situations when we get to sites with restricted storage areas, steep terrain, power lines and narrow laneways, so we have trained our drivers and refined our equipment to best deal with these restraints.


” specialised equipment “


We have invested in our own delivery equipment to better control the delivery date by not relying on freight companies with many customers.

Modern trucks equipped with air bag suspensions, long reach cranes and purpose built trailers sporting pockets for safe storage of loose items and lift up axles for tight turns are just some of the efforts we have employed to provide a professional transport service.


Our deliveries are made with vehicles ranging from an extended table top truck, prime movers with 14 metre drop deck and level trailers and an extendable 19 metre trailer for longer trusses.