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Steel Frames for Over
40 years

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Strategically positioned in Dubbo, Custom Steel Frames serves a vast expanse of NSW and beyond, underscoring the pivotal transport plays in our operations. The impression we impart on customers and fellow road users heavily hinges on how adeptly we deliver our products to their destinations.


Our products, characterised by their lightweight yet robust nature, often pose a challenge due to their bulkiness and irregular shapes. Consequently, ensuring efficient, secure, and damage-free delivery demands meticulous planning and execution.


From the outset, meticulous planning is paramount. We carefully nest pieces during the manufacturing process, followed by securing them into packs for optimal trailer utilisation, prioritising placement with heavier items at the base.

While seemingly straightforward, achieving this level of precision has necessitated years of dedication and substantial investment in both personnel and equipment.

Navigating through site restrictions adds another layer of complexity. Be it confined storage areas, rugged terrain, overhead power lines, or narrow thoroughfares, our drivers undergo rigorous training, and our equipment is continuously refined to navigate such constraints adeptly.


Our commitment to excellence extends to our specialised delivery equipment.

By owning our delivery fleet, we exercise greater control over delivery schedules, avoiding dependence on external freight companies. Equipped with state-of-the-art features like air bag suspensions, extended reach cranes, and purpose-built trailers outfitted with secure storage pockets and lift-up axles for maneuverability, our vehicles exemplify our dedication to providing a professional transport service.


Moreover, our fleet encompasses a range of vehicles tailored to meet diverse needs, from extended table-top trucks to prime movers with 14-meter drop deck and level trailers, along with extendable 19-meter trailers suited for transporting longer trusses.