Residential Builders


The following may be helpful to Residential builders.


Custom Steel Frames was founded on house frame manufacture and over the years has built on the experience of many builders to fine tune and include features to reduce their risk and make the home building process a smoother and better business.


Steel framing offers much more versatility and strength to home building with bigger spans and slenderer members to enhance architectural features and coupled with Custom Steel’s designing and manufacturing skills, these features are built into the frame before they get to site.


Our designing process includes a dimensional slab or floor layout for the concreter, spacing of windows and doors around brick courses, soffit assembly design, verandah design and many more specific details for each project, all to reduce the potential for error and hassles.


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We realise that it is much easier to do jobs in a temperature controlled factory than it is out in the weather, so we install fixings and factory cut materials as much as possible to speed up and simplify the on site assembly.


We also supply all the associated screws, brackets, battens, bracing and fixings to make the frames go together and we stock many other products like brick ties, grommets, steel cavity sliding door frames and many more to make us a one stop framing supplier.


Even with the most thorough planning we realise things can still go wrong so our service staff are available to instruct and assist builders who may be hesitant or have a project with members and technology they haven’t used before.


We think of this service as advertising to help build trust and longer term partnerships with our builder customers which in turn makes the future business of framing their projects a much simpler task.


Steel frames and trusses are much lighter to handle than timber and generally the parts are longer with a lot less joins which means less work and back strain. Safety is paramount these days and with this in mind Custom Steel are always on the lookout for better products and methods to reduce accident risk as is seen in our roof lifting method.