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Information For Residential Builders

The information provided below could prove beneficial for residential builders.

Custom Steel Frames, rooted in expertise in steel house frame manufacturing, continuously refines its processes by gathering input from numerous residential builders. This iterative approach results in the integration of features aimed at minimizing risks and streamlining the home-building process, ultimately enhancing business operations.

Steel framing offers greater versatility and strength in home construction, enabling larger spans and slimmer members that accentuate architectural features. Paired with Custom Steel Frames’ design and manufacturing proficiency, these features seamlessly integrate into the frame before reaching the construction site.

Our design process encompasses various elements, such as dimensional slab or floor layouts for concrete work, strategically placed windows and doors around brick courses, soffit assembly design, and verandah layouts. These meticulous details are tailored to each project, aimed at minimising errors and complications.

To elaborate, our selection of Steel Walls, Steel Trusses, and Floor Systems are meticulously crafted to meet diverse construction needs.

We recognise the efficiency gained by working in a controlled factory environment. At Custom Steel Frames we prioritise the installation of fixings and factory-cut materials to expedite and simplify on-site assembly.

Moreover, we provide all necessary screws, brackets, battens, bracing, and fixings to facilitate frame assembly. Our comprehensive inventory also includes additional items like brick ties, grommets, and steel cavity sliding door frames, positioning us as a one-stop framing supplier.

We are proud to collaborate with a variety of residential builders, including but not limited to Brad House, Taylor Made Buildings, Luke Holder Building, Country Kit Homes, and Bell Country Homes.

Despite thorough planning, unforeseen challenges may arise. Therefore, our dedicated service staff are readily available to offer guidance and assistance to builders facing unfamiliar techniques or technologies.

We view this support service as a means to foster trust and forge long-term partnerships with our residential builder clientele, ultimately simplifying the framing process for future projects.

Moreover, Custom Steel Frames and Trusses are lighter and typically feature longer parts with fewer joints, resulting in reduced labor and less strain on workers. Given the paramount importance of safety, Custom Steel Frames continually explores superior products and methods to mitigate accident risks, exemplified by our innovative roof lifting method.





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