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Lattice and Slats

Lattice and Slats are elements that you wouldn’t want to spend your weekends painting or maintaining. So, our powder-coated steel lattice offers an ideal solution. All our powder coating is completed locally to minimise time spent sending product away for completion.


Crafted from tubular sections rather than flat sheets, our Lattice and Slats are assembled with rivets to mimic timber lattice without its characteristic knots.


“Durable Finish”


Furthermore, you can customise it to match your desired shape and space. The powder-coated lattice isn’t just robust and enduring; it also resists rotting, twisting, or warping, ensuring it remains straight and true for many years. This means you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about constant upkeep.


Moreover, with a durable finish, our lattice maintains the traditional diagonal cross pattern that has remained popular for generations.


Additionally, the introduction of horizontal slats offers a strikingly modern aesthetic, providing a perfect blend of timeless appeal and contemporary style.


TrueCore Structural Steel