Floor Systems

Floor framing systems are ideally suited to steel construction because of the vast range of metal profiles available with measured performance in long lengths without joins or faults.


Custom Steel Frames has devised a range of floor options to suit transportable, single and multi storey buildings using these profiles and fabricated trussed joists depending on spans between support points and floor loads.


Consideration is given to the different site conditions and access which depicts how much assembly is required on site and the level of factory prefabrication possible.


There are different supporting pier options available that are determined by the foundation type that is necessary for individual site soil conditions, but it is the adjustable piers that are typically preferred for their ease of adjustment which enables the ability to get the floor dead accurate.


” modular prefabricated floor panels “


Our most popular builders choice is a modular prefabricated floor panel system which is assembled and Henrob riveted accurately in a jig into manageable panel sizes, labelled, packed and transported to site like a wall frame pack.


Our customers prefer it for a quick start up to their project because the assembly effort is a fraction of conventional loose member systems especially with adjustable piers, and the overall accuracy of the floor is predetermined.


” accurate design “


Prefabricated and flat pack floor systems are firstly CAD designed showing accurate pier layouts, floor dimensions and levels as a builder aid to ensure that the building goes to plan. We then use these plans to design the floor members and grids for supply or manufacture.


We have designed and supplied floor systems for many years over all types of soil and site types imaginable, so if you are undecided on your project, it is worth investigating our best and most economical option early in the stages.