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Floor Systems

Steel construction includes a range of metal profiles for floor systems, allowing reliable performance across long spans without seams or defects.


Custom Steel Frames offers a wide selection of floor systems for portable, single-story, and multi-story buildings. Additionally, these options use metal profiles and custom trussed joists to support various spans and floor loads.


Site conditions and access significantly impact on-site assembly and the extent of factory prefabrication achievable. Furthermore, there are different supporting pier options available, with adjustable piers usually favored for their ease of adjustment, which helps in achieving precise floor alignment.


Among our top solutions is the modular prefabricated floor panel system. These panels are meticulously assembled and Henrob riveted with precision into manageable sizes, labeled, packed, and transported to site similar to a Custom Steel Frames wall pack.


This system is favored by our customers for its rapid project initiation, thanks to reduced assembly efforts compared to traditional loose member systems, especially when combined with adjustable piers. Moreover, the overall floor accuracy is predetermined.


The design process for prefabricated and flat pack floor systems begins with CAD design. This stage showcases precise pier layouts, floor dimensions, and levels as a builder aid, ensuring compliance with plans. Subsequently, these plans guide the design of floor members and grids for supply or manufacturing.


Drawing upon our extensive experience in designing and supplying floor systems for various soil and site types, we are well-prepared to guide you in selecting the most suitable and cost-effective option for your project. Therefore, we recommend considering our solutions at the outset of your project’s development phases to achieve the best possible results.

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