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Aged Care and Retirement Projects

In 1995, Custom Steel Frames successfully launched into aged care and retirement projects with Koonambil Hostel in Coonamble. Even today, Koonambil remains one of the most complex buildings we’ve ever structured. The experience gained from Koonambil positioned us well for subsequent projects such as Allendale Aged Care, Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital in Picton, and numerous others.


Transitioning from Koonambil to these projects, each aged care and retirement build presented a unique design challenge. Working through these challenges has been instrumental in shaping many of Custom Steel’s building solutions, which we now apply across various building types.


Our repertoire of solutions for addressing complex structural issues in uniquely shaped buildings, coupled with our expertise in welded manufacture, provides our customers with the advantage of cost-effective and quickly erected buildings from a single supplier.


Furthermore, our expertise in design and manufacturing is finely tuned to meet the demands of expansive projects, particularly in sectors such as aged care and retirement villages. This specialisation solidifies our position as a key supplier within these industries, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions on a larger scale.


Regardless of whether the project involves a intricate or straightforward design, or adopts a design-and-construct approach or follows a fully documented format, we possess the assurance in our capability to deliver a steel framing system that guarantees the triumph of your aged care or retirement project.

Our expertise extends to navigating various project complexities, ensuring that the final outcome meets your specific needs and requirements, while also providing added value through our comprehensive understanding of steel framing solutions.


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