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Child Care Projects

Child Care Projects and Learning Centre buildings stand out with their distinct designs tailored to meet specific needs, setting them apart from conventional schools or residential structures.

From considerations like room sizes to toilet configurations, roof lines to skylight windows, and even the inclusion of under-roof playgrounds and sandpits, these buildings boast a myriad of unique features rarely found elsewhere. Our dedicated drafting team will closely with builder to ensure all demands are met.


In many instances, the buildings constructed thus far feature expansive raking ceilings with strategically positioned roof skylight windows. These elements are meticulously crafted to harness natural light and warmth, thereby establishing an optimal environment conducive to the development and well-being of toddlers. This architectural blueprint seamlessly aligns with the Custom Steel Frames system, providing an ideal fit for such specialised requirements.


Furthermore, these buildings incorporate outdoor play areas within our exposed decorative frame system. Whether nestled within the grounds of Primary Schools to harmonise with the existing structures or designed as standalone entities resembling oversized domestic-style buildings, they offer versatility in both form and function.

We extend a warm invitation to architects who specialise in Child Care projects to participate in discussions about the numerous options offered by Custom Steel Frames.

Our solutions not only accommodate unique design preferences but also provide an opportunity to integrate special features while avoiding the excessive costs commonly associated with alternative building systems. Whether your upcoming endeavor involves a Child Care center or an early learning facility, Custom Steel Frames should be your primary consideration. We stand out as industry leaders in these specialised projects, demonstrating our unparalleled capability.





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