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Education Projects

Our expertise in constructing frames and trusses for education projects is evident from our track record We begin our story with the inception of the Boggabilla TAFE High School project in 1991 and continues through ongoing BER projects. This highlights the effectiveness of our integrated lightweight and structural steel welded manufacturing system. Custom Steel Frames lightweight framing systems are perfectly suited for these large-scale endeavors.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve successfully completed more than 220 education projects across NSW, covering various new constructions and extensions. This extensive experience has firmly established us as authorities and industry leaders in handling projects of significant magnitude.


Cost Effective Solutions

We’ve developed a wide range of cost-effective solutions tailored specifically for large-scale projects, including Homebases, Halls, Walkways, versatile verandas, and overhang systems to meet the most demanding architectural requirements.

Many of our innovative school building solutions have been developed within a Design and Construction framework, promoting close collaboration with Engineering Consultants and Architects.

Custom Steel Frames ensures that we deliver meticulously prepared, competitive tender proposals for large-scale projects.

Dedicated Development

Through years of dedicated development, we’ve refined an extensive array of steel sections, fabrication techniques, and joining methods, some of which are exclusive to Custom Steel Frames. We encourage consultants and builders to explore our most economical structural methods. We encourage feedback from our clients particularly during the initial planning phases of large-scale projects.

Leader is Large Scale Erection

For example, our dynamic slim line scissor trusses, engineered to span vast expanses in school buildings, not only improve cavity ventilation and eliminate structural portals and suspended ceilings but also streamline assembly. This allows for the construction of roofs on the ground before being craned onto walls, reducing the time workers spend at elevated heights and enhancing our efficiency in managing and executing large-scale builds. This roof lifting method has ensured Custom Steel Frames remain industry leaders in this form or large scale erection.








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