Education Projects

Our history for building the frames and trusses for schools, starting with the Boggabilla TAFE High School in 1991 up to the current BER projects, has proven that our integrated lightweight and structural steel welded manufacturing system is ideally suited.


With over 220 school projects notched up in the last 5 years around NSW, from new schools with multiple buildings to extensions onto existing buildings, it is fair to say we have gathered a lot of valuable experience with them.


We have developed a range of solutions to economically build the structures for Homebases right through to Halls and Walkways. We also have several systems of verandas and overhangs to achieve the architectural effect required.


Many of our alternative school building solutions have been developed under a Design and Construction format and working with Engineering Consultants and Architects to provide builders with competitive tender proposals.


A vast range of steel sections, fabrication techniques and joining methods have been developed over the years and many are unique to Custom Steel Frames so we encourage consultants and builders to evaluate our most economical method of structuring their school project in the early stages.


Products like dynamic slimline scissor trusses can comfortably span most school buildings to provide improved cavity ventilation and eliminate structural portals and suspended ceilings. They also allow roofs to be assembled on the ground and the assembly craned onto walls to reduce erectors time working at heights.