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Health Care Projects


Custom Steel Frames has been actively engaged in low-rise health care projects since the mid-90s. Beginning with Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) in country towns, we have progressed to larger Base Hospitals. Moreover, we have expanded our portfolio to include City Hospitals and Medical Centres.

Throughout our journey, we have honed our techniques. In particular, we have focused on addressing specific requirements of health care projects. This entails meticulous considerations, such as comprehensive air conditioning ducts, support structures for large solid core doors, and maintenance accesses. Additionally, we have made provisions for medical and suspended equipment, among other crucial aspects.


The robustness and adaptability of our integrated lightweight and structural steel frame system, coupled with our thorough design process, enable us to pre-incorporate these specialised features into frames and trusses, streamlining installation processes onsite.


Furthermore, leveraging a variety of cold-formed steel products, we can seamlessly integrate voids and plant rooms into roof profiles, therefore concealing essential yet aesthetically unappealing services and equipment while ensuring easy accessibility for maintenance purposes.


In addition to these technical aspects, we offer a holistic approach to healthcare construction, encompassing architectural structural steel elements like Entry Canopies and Ambulance Bays within our structural package. This integration minimises design redundancies and simplifies contracting procedures.


Whether you’re an architect, designer, or builder, whether your health care project demands wall frames, trusses, complete building structures, or a turnkey Design and Construct proposal, we’re eager to explore the myriad options and tailored solutions that Custom Steel Frames can deliver.


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