Health Care Projects

Custom Steel Frames has been involved in low rise hospital projects since the mid 90’s starting with country town Multi Purpose Service’s (MPS) then onto larger Base Hospitals and we now have an impressive portfolio ranging from City Hospitals to Medical Centres.


Over the years we have perfected methods of building around hospital specific items like comprehensive air conditioning ducts, support of large solid core doors, maintenance accesses, provision for medical and suspended equipment and many more.


The strength and versatility of our integrated lightweight and structural steel system with large span trusses and our comprehensive design process allows us to factory build provision for these specific items into the frames and trusses to save time and effort on site.


With a range of other cold formed steel products we are able to build voids and plant rooms into roof profiles to hide necessary but unsightly services and equipment with space to access it for maintenance.


We are able to take care of the architectural structural steel elements such as Entry Canopies and Ambulance Bays etc, as part of a structural package to reduce design duplication and dual contracting.


Whether you are a designer or a builder and your hospital project requires just wall frames, trusses, the complete building structure or a tender Design and Construct proposal then we would be happy to discuss the options and solutions that Custom Steel Frames can provide.